5 reasons cheap kit lenses are best first lenses

5 Reasons Cheap Kit Lenses Are Best First Lenses
First of all, I love these videos from DigitalRev TV. Sly, irreverent, down to earth and informative.

Now that the fan boy stuff is out of the way, his comments about kit lenses (the usually cheaply made lens that comes with a DSLR) are true.

I tell beginners to learn to use their kit lens before they go out and spend all kinds of money on newer, fancier and frankly, better lenses.

Even though a newer lens will (usually) be better, if you don’t know how to shoot with a DSLR, the world’s greatest lens (or camera body) won’t help.

Save your money and spend it on things that help you learn to be a better photographer – like an online class or two taught be a funny, entertaining and informative teacher.