A (completely unhelpful) New Photographer’s Guide to Camera Settings

This photo is a perfect example of what makes me crazy about some photography instruction, especially when it comes to talking to new shooters.Folegandros

Look at that caption. Perfectly fine – except…

I can’t tell the difference! It’s a lousy example of what they are trying to point out. Show me a before and after shot at different settings. I can’t tell from the picture they use whether or not the foreground stones are supposed to be bigger than the background ones or how much the settings affect the apparent size of the stones or….ANYTHING YOU’RE TRYING TO ILLUSTRATE!

So much instruction to new shooters assumes a level of knowledge. It’s knowledge the instructor has but it can’t be assumed the shooter has the same level of experience. After all, if they Knew as much as the instructor THEY WOULDN’T BE NEW SHOOTERS.