Beginner DSLR/Mirrorless Photography Workshop

Lots of people have bought DSLR or mirrorless cameras but have never learned how to fully utilize all those wonderful buttons on them. So you end up using your expensive gear as if it were a point and shoot.

Let’s change that!

I’ve got easy to grasp tips, tricks and techniques I promise will make the next DSLR or mirrorless shot you take better than the last one. We’ll also talk about the features of a DSLR and mirrorless camera, how the various functions affect, positively and negatively, your images and how to “see a photo” before you push the shutter button and then make changes to your DSLR or mirrorless camera to create that image.

At Starting Point Photography, that’s our mission. We want to help you learn the tips, tricks, and techniques to create better photographs with your DSLR or mirrorless camera.

Want to know a secret? Creating great photographs isn’t about the camera. It’s about your knowledge and desire. We’ll explain, in plain English, what you need to do so the next photograph you take is better than the last one. We’ll help you learn how to think about taking a photograph before you even point your camera and how to edit the image afterward to bring out the best in what you shot.

This class will take approximately two and a half hours and we’ll teach you some of the ideas, theories, and techniques professional photographers know and use in every one of their images. With that knowledge, we promise your photography will get better.

The class will include:
“Photography Secrets Revealed!” – do you know how to capture the single most important element of every good photo?
“Creative vs Technical” – Learn how to take advantage of your DSLR or mirrorless camera
“DSLR/Mirrorless Differences” – what are the pros and cons between full frame and cropped, between mirrorless and DSLR?
“Aperture, F/Stop, Shutter speed, ISO” – do you know what these terms mean and how they affect your photos?

And much more!

ONLINE SPECIAL PRICING: Each class is only $75 per household! Payment is done via PayPal to or (in Canada) via Interac payment through your local bank to

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What others say:

Sandro — “I came away highly impressed, not only with the technical aspects of this kind of training but also the value of Shawn’s course to any budding photographer.”

Jason — “Shawn has some very practical tips to improve anyone’s photography. Emphasis of basics like this can’t be underestimated.”

Melonie — “We are all really impressed and pleased with all we learned…we cannot wait to take photos. We will definitely be recommending this class to our friends!”

Heather — “Shawn you are an exceptional teacher and we all learned so much. We will all be looking at, and taking, our pictures totally different now thanks to you!”

I hope you can join us and I look forward to seeing you!