Our hotel in Lisbon!

We’ve got a NEW hotel base for our “photo tourism workshop” in Lisbon, Portugal! The tour operator Tripmasters is offering … More

Why Lisbon?

I got an interesting email from someone that basically asked, “Why Lisbon? Why do this photography thing in Lisbon?” Good … More


Melissa and I (and Rory and Jasper!) were in Australia (Newcastle and Sydney) for most of December. We got (re)married … More

Meetup at Mahonys!

As always, our group really appreciates the great staff and hospitality at Mahony and Sons! We had a great time!

Image vs Video

Which is better? A still image or a video? Well, it’s an impossible question to answer. A lot of it … More


Welcome and thanks for visiting the site! I assume you’ve come to this page because you’ve heard about me from … More

Nikon D3400

In the market for a new or first Nikon? This was just announced: “The D3400 is a 24.2MP DSLR that’s … More