Dragon Boats and Scandinavians

Fun weekend of shooting before I head out to Halifax next weekend to teach the “Photography Secrets Revealed!” seminar (tix are still available!).

On Saturday, we went down to False Creek to watch the “Dragon Boat Festival” – which turned out to be all kinds of lame and not anything like what I remember it from my last time in Vancouver. Very disappointing. Sadly, I didn’t get any decent shots of the actual boats or paddlers.

I did get some lovely shots (if I do say so myself) of one of the bands that played (in particular, as you can see, the trombonist) and a few of the gorgeous belly dancers.

Sunday was spent at the “Scandinavian Midsummer Festival” – I always thought “Scandinavia” comprised only Norway, Finland and Sweden. But Iceland and Denmark join that party, too. Ate Danish food (yummy), talked to Vikings and watched “wife carrying”. That’s a good day in anyone’s book. 🙂