Get the Best Out of Photo Apps on Your iPhone

Dan Rubin for The Guardian:

Dan Rubin, editor-at-large of the Photographic Journal and an early Instagram adopter, takes a tour of London to test some of the best smartphone photography apps. By shooting a variety of people and places, Dan shows how using some specially selected apps throughout your photography workflow can dramatically improve the shots you capture – and offers some cool tips and tricks of what you can do with those shots afterwards.

Fair warning – THIS VIDEO WILL COST YOU MONEY! Watching it “forced” me to buy $5 worth of apps. 🙂

Here are links to some of the apps he talks about in the video and ones I bought (they are all referral links so if you buy them, I get a teeny tiny kickback):

AntiCrop from Adva-Soft

TouchRetouch from Adva-Soft

Average Camera Pro from Dominik Seibold

Cortex Camera from Whimsical Productions

VSCO Cam from Visual Supply Company

Rubin’s article has a number of other apps he doesn’t mention in the video.