“How to Become a Better Photographer”

One of the “Beginners Tips and Tricks” Class students is a Pro Photographer. When he told me he wanted to take the class I thought, “oh oh…he’s going to be a PITA…”

He was no such thing. Sandro was a wonderful student and I enjoyed having him in the class.

Unbeknownst to me, he also writes for The Mac Observer web site and has written an article on “How to Become a Better Photographer” I would encourage you to read, not the least of which because he does a review of the Starting Point Photography class he took and apparently liked it a lot! He says:

Shawn, who says he is not a professional photographer but a “professional explainer,” promises to make the next photograph you take better than the last one. I believe he delivers on this promise, and I believe that the $50 fee is reasonable considering the personalized and interactive aspects of the course.

Very kind and very appreciated words from Sandro.