Leading Lines: From Roads & Borders to Infinity

Leading Lines: From Roads & Borders to Infinity

You may have seen these two photographs being shared around the Internet. They strike at something very profound in us, although we might not know exactly what it is. The Tuscan highway glows with lively warmth at a cool, meandering pace, while the Swedish/Norwegian border is cold and biting, but exhilarating. These images show just what a symbolic and telling tool a leading line can make.

This is a great example of who you are as the viewer affecting and influencing your opinion of a photograph.

Some people will view this as a lovely photo – and objectively, it is. But, as a certain kind of motorcyclist, I find this picture to be BORING AS HELL!

That ruler-straight road for miles and miles would just be tedious for me. I’m the kind of motorcycle rider who wants windy, twisty roads so I can throw my bike into corners, leaned over at higher than legal speeds. 🙂

So, who I am influences my feelings about the image.