LiveBlend by Eric Kunz

Everyone knows I’m a complete iOS photography app junkie. Like all junkies, I can’t help myself. But apps have been around so long it’s getting harder to find ones that are truly different or interesting enough for me to recommend.

The 99 cent LiveBlend by Eric Kunz (affiliate link) definitely qualifies.

I love double exposure shots but they have been beyond my (non-existent) Photoshop skills. And the other iOS apps I’ve tried haven’t given me results I’m happy with. Liveblend is the easiest to use double exposure app I’ve found if only because of the live preview ability.

Now, not every photo works as a double exposure so it’s best to experiment with LiveBlend’s free downloadable silhouettes to get a feel for the app. It also has issues with photos that don’t fit into what the app wants – some photos will be flipped to landscape mode even when you don’t want them to be. And there’s no way in v1 to play around with the image translucency.

All that being said, it’s still an interesting app that, for only 99 cents, can create some memorable images.