Looking Back at the Photo I Regret Taking

Looking Back at the Photo I Regret Taking:

I typed the title for this article hours ago. After typing it, I spent an hour answering emails, having a snack, watching a little TV, and checking up on friends and family in Israel. For a full hour after all of that, I stared at a blinking cursor. Taunting me. Vexing me. Daring me to write something meaningful. My wife just came into the office to see if I needed anything. She read the title from over my shoulder and asked, “Don’t you mean the photo you regret NOT taking?”

It’s a valid question. After all, in a world where I at least have my iPhone with me all the time, there is always a camera at hand. It may not always be a perfect shot, but I shouldn’t have too many regrets about photos not taken. “No, the title is right. It’s about the photo I regret taking.”

“This should be interesting,” she said, pulling up a chair. “Tell me about it.”

This is a very interesting story (but ignore the comment section). Like many of us, I’ve regretted not taking many photos but I’ve luckily never been in a situation where I regretted actually taking one.

What are your thoughts on this story? Is the photographer correct in “beating himself up” over the photo? Have you ever taken a shot you regretted later?