OKDoThis Fights Fear of Missing Out with Photo Sharing Challenges

Think of OKDoThis as a photo assignment manager, and you are a freelancer on the prowl.

I almost like the idea of this app. I don’t know about the “fear of mssing out” (that seems kind of childish) but it might be fun for me (or you!) to “send out assignments” to a group of fellow iPhone photographers to see what they/you come up with.

But the app wants to force/direct you to only use Twitter of Facebook. When you open the app, the only “Sign Up” options that are obvious are through Twitter and Facebook. If you hit the “Skip” button, you can then go to the next screen where you can set up an email account.

Another example: I’ve set up a “Do” assignment of my own (go ahead and download the free app and join in if you’d like!) but I wasn’t able/allowed to send it out via email – only via Twitter or Facebook. Granted, that’s most likely the way I would do it anyway but I like having options.

Regardless, check out the app and tell me what you think.

OKDoThis Fights Fear of Missing Out with Photo Sharing Challenges.