Photography: Where to Start (hint: Not with this guy’s advice)

One of the problems with being a beginning photographer and trying to learn this stuff is the assumptions made by people trying to explain photography to you. Here’s an example.

In an article called, “Photography: Where To Start”, the author’s first heading is “Choosing A Camera” (which by the way, is not what I would advise as the first thing to do). The first sentence is:

Take a look at DSLR cameras…


Supposedly this is an article for people who, by the author’s own admission, “have decided to have a go at photography”. Telling them to buy a DSLR is idiotic.

It’s like saying to someone interested in driving, “OK First thing you do, – go out and find a nice Porsche…”

“Which DSLR to get” is NOT the first thing a beginner needs to focus on. I would argue that it’s not even in the top and and go further by saying for many photographers, they may NEVER need to buy a DSLR.

The single most important thing about photography a beginner needs to know? HOW TO SHOOT GOOD PHOTOGRAPHS. Buying a DSLR right out of the gate is no guarantee of that and is more likely to cause frustration and anxiety, causing you to give up photography all together.