“Stop Taking Vertical Photos Already” STFU


This seems so obvious, but based on the number of people who still post vertical photos, it clearly isn’t. The world of vertical photography, once dominated by hanging portraits, magazine covers, passport and school photos, and leather-bound albums, has come to an end. We look at everything horizontally: our computers, our phones, our TVs. Our eyes are side by side, not one on top of the other. It’s time for a moratorium on vertical photos on the Internet.

Let’s get this out of the way right from the start – the author is a pompous asshat who thinks he know better than anyone else how you should take photographs.

It’s time for a moratorium on vertical photos on the Internet.Balloon8


The Web is inherently a horizontal medium…

Really? I seem to be scrolling up and down, VERTICALLY, an awful lot.

People who post vertical photos online are basically like your grandfather who still dials his cellphone with his index finger instead of his thumb.

Ignoring the stupidity of the insult, what difference does it make how someone dials their cellphone? Does it affect the call? Does it make the quality less? Would the person on the other end of the call notice?

Shoot however you want in what ever direction/orientation you want. Ignore “professionals” who think they know how you should hold your camera. If you’re getting the results you want and pictures you like, the professionals can go pound sand.


  1. I agree with regards to photos. For photography the orientation of a photo doesn’t matter at all. And the arguments don’t even make sense. We now look at our phones horizontally? I don’t know many people who do unless they are watching a movie.

    But what about movies? For movies a vertical orientation doesn’t make sense unless you’re only ever going to show that video on the device you took it on. Video consumption has been done on horizontal oriented screens for decades now. To me it’s different because you can’t take the time to view a video the way you can view a photo. I don’t mind scrolling a bit to see en entire photo, but with a video you can potentially miss important information because when a frame has been shown, it’s gone unless you rewind.

    What do you think Shawn?

  2. Thanks for your thoughts, Paul.

    My initial reaction is always, “Shoot however you want”. But you’re correct about video and orientation. But, even then, if the video is good/compelling enough, I’ll watch it regardless of how the shooter held their recording device. 🙂

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