The 5 Most Iconic Lisbon Cafés

Café A Brasileira

I love coffee. I need coffee. My day is not complete without coffee.

So, when we’re in Lisbon next March, I need to find places that aren’t Starbucks to have my morning (and afternoon and evening…) coffees. Luckily, Lisbon has no shortage of cafes and coffee shops. Even better, four of the five on this list are within walking distance of the hotel we’re staying at with one of them being right next door!

The 5 Most Iconic Lisbon Cafés:

With centuries of history, Lisbon is also famous for its cafés and bicas (Portuguese for espresso). The Portuguese love going to cafés to have their bica, be it in the morning, after lunch or in the evening, any excuse will do to take a break and enjoy the wonderful coffee that Lisbon has to offer. Here are five of the most iconic coffee houses in Lisbon that are sure to delight caffeine addicts.