“Under the Tuscan Sun” Beginner Photography Workshop!

We had so much fun doing a workshop in Lisbon, Portugal last March, we thought we’d try it again!

Every photographer knows about “the Tuscan sun.” There’s something magical about the combination of landscape, scenery, and sunlight that makes photos dreamy and wonderful – if you know how to create those images.

That last part is our job.

You’re invited to join us on a combination “amazing vacation in one of the most beautiful areas of the world” and “learn how to create stunning images” trip of a lifetime!

Tuscany is one of the most wonderful places I’ve ever visited and it’s not just the scenery. It’s the people, the food, the history, the culture – Tuscany has it all.

We all carry a camera around with us – whether it’s on our phones or a dedicated point and shoot or a DSLR. But many people don’t know what makes for a great photo. They just click away and “hope it comes out.”

Wouldn’t it be great to go to a beautiful place and learn, not only how to take pictures of that place, but to gain knowledge to will help you with every photo you take afterward?

During this workshop, you’ll learn how to get the best out of your camera and how to create compelling images. We will help you learn the tips, tricks, and techniques to create better photographs no matter what kind of camera you have – whether it’s a camera phone, a point and shoot, or a DSLR. We’ll help you learn how to think about taking a photograph before you even point your camera and how to edit the image afterward to bring out the best in what you shot.

You’ll be in the heart of the Renaissance and Tuscany with a professional instructor who will teach you how to take great pictures and be at your beck and call to help you capture the shots you see – no matter what kind of camera you have.

You’ll come back from this amazing vacation and have people actually want to see your photos. You’ll have images you can proudly print out and display in your home or to give as gifts to family and friends.

What others say:

Sandro — “I came away highly impressed, not only with the technical aspects of this kind of training but also the value of Shawn’s course to any budding photographer.”

Jason — “Shawn has some very practical tips to improve anyone’s photography. Emphasis of basics like this can’t be underestimated.”

Melonie — “We are all really impressed and pleased with all we learned…we cannot wait to take photos. We will definitely be recommending this to our friends!”

Heather — “Shawn you are an exceptional teacher and we all learned so much. We will all be looking at, and taking, our pictures totally different now thanks to you!”

We are planning this next workshop for five days in March (around BC’s school Spring Break). Each day, there will be one hour theory sessions each afternoon followed by two hours of practice throughout the city of Florence. We’ll visit the spectacular Duomo (and even climb to the top!), see Michelangelo’s David at the Galleria dell’Accademia di Firenze, as well as see “The Birth of Venus” by Sandro Botticelli at the Uffizi!

And that’s not even scratching the surface of all Tuscany has to offer. In your free time (we’d recommend arriving a couple of days early or stay a few days afterwards – we will be!), you can rent an inexpensive car (we’re using Easy Rent Cars) and travel to Florence, Sienna, San Marino, Pisa, Cinque Terra, San Gimignano, Orvieto, Parma – all within a 90+ minute car ride through the spectacular Tuscan countryside.

You are responsible for your own air fare and hotel (but I’m trying to work out a deal with a travel agency to help out with that) and the course will cost $750 per person. But, those who sign up for the Early Bird discount (sign up by January 1st, 2021) will get the course for $500 per person and only $750 per couple!

More details to come but if you have any questions or want to reserve a spot, please contact me at shawn@StartingPointPhotography.com.


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