Why Lisbon?

I got an interesting email from someone that basically asked, “Why Lisbon? Why do this photography thing in Lisbon?”

Good question. There are several answers to the question but, primarily, it’s about light.

As I teach in my classes, photography is “capturing a moment in the life of light”. We don’t take pictures of dark – we take pictures of light. So, it makes sense to find scenes and images with great light. And there’s no doubt, the light in Lisbon is somehow magical.

Another reason is cost. Everyone who talks about Lisbon talks about how inexpensive it is. The joke is that, in Lisbon, “beer and wine are cheaper than bottled water”. It’s also a very historic city. I’m a big fan of European history and Lisbon is full of it.

If you’re flying from the US, flights to Lisbon can be found for under $800 (from NYC) and the hotels we are talking with are charging approx $120 USD/night – a great deal.

And there’s so much to see and do in Lisbon – from the amazing tiles on the outside of many buildings to the world’s oldest bookstore to the wonderful tram cars that take you all over this historic (older than Rome!) city, I promise you’ll not only learn how to take better pictures but you’ll also have the time of your life doing it!